Hey, Everybody! 

It is now T minus 9 days as we

approach blast-off!

April 21, 2019 is thundering 

toward us like a Titan rocket,

piercing the outer atmosphere.

Hurtling toward us with the power and

radiance that startles the imagination.

BORN AT NASA, raised in the fields

and fallows of a planet in desperate 

need of transformation, The Endless

Question is birthing on the horizon !

Birthing on a planet now teetering

on the fulcrum of explosive growth

and revelation, versus self-annihilation.

There is only one set of doors we 

have to open, and those doors are 

the doors within.    

You would not believe the discoveries 

revealed by our great new film,

The Endless Question !

And we cannot believe how fast this

movement is growing, a movement 

toward global conscious freedom.

The Endless Question is a two hour

documentary starring Linda Sechrist,

Yogi Gurudev, Jean de Galzain,

Yvonne Dayan, Professor Micheal

Tisher and others, who give

revelations so shocking I can’t

believe it !

A journey to the hidden secrets of the 

mind and spirit, this is a powerfully

important film for the 21st Century.

Sure, sure, that sounds like a bunch

of self-congratulatory baloney, but wait

until you see it.

The explosive gems of light revealed

can help change the world.

It is a huge shift in thinking about how the 

mind and the universe interact, which 

stuns and threatens many scientists.

And that is what we need now, a step

up to a higher set of concepts, new-old

truths once again released to the world

to help humankind evolve to a higher

state of consciousness.

We are sending this to you as part of a

select group, our inner circle, those drawn

to this work.

As our friends, do not miss this journey,

the rocket ship to inner space

is leaving now.

Be on it!

Like our pages, and get ready for the

destination to be released soon.

Join the adventure of a lifetime –

discover who you really are!

You may not believe it !

You will also get FREE, The Three Secrets from the 

ancient Andean Codes, as revealed by Dr. Rod

Fuentes, as a special bonus gift !

These secrets unveil some of the most powerful,

yet incredibly simple secrets of the mind and spirit,

to help you transform yourself into who you really

are…opening doors of reality waiting for you to

wake up and go through them ! 

Only available through these offers, not available

in stores. 

Don’t miss this pre-launch opportunity to be 

one of the first to luxuriate in this refreshing

pool of light, this next tier film that is MIND

SHOCKING the scientific world !   

Read our posts, study the posters made by

our amazing artists and put on your space

suits – for inner space.

Remember, it is never too late to begin forever.

Your ship is loading fast at Launch Pad 21.

Be sure to check out our page, The Conscious

Freedom Movement.

Conscious Freedom is something we all need

now, more than ever.

Your friend, 

Dr. Ron Dalrymple, April 12, 2019.