We are again amazed and humbled by the huge number of people joining our network, as we prepare to release this MIND SHOCK film, The Endless Question.

To keep you updated, we are waiting for the copyright process to complete, which should be very soon. The film is uploaded to distribution sites, and the software is, we hope, ready to roll.

We have a series of short videos in production which tell the story of this film and where it came from, and we will fill you in on more programs and coaching opportunities, now in development.

I am stunned we are at this point.

Think about running a super-marathon race for fifty years, and you suddenly see the finish line.

You can’t believe it.

First, you think it is a mirage. It fades and shimmers on the horizon, flickering in the light.

As you approach, it fades again, then draws closer.

You reach out for it, almost touch it, then it is gone again.

You keep running, uphill, downhill, then realize…

It will never end. It cannot.

Because now running along with you, are many more people reaching out for the same evanescent goal.

Thank God.

There is nothing like a group of beautiful people around you, after running through the desert for 5 decades.

Soon, we will touch that finish line together, and the film will be released.

Only to reveal a succeeding series of new goals fading into the horizon…

We’ll see you there soon.

Dr. Ron, March 27, 2019.