The epiphany that hit me in 1969 sent me on a world-wide tour, looking for answers. I traveled the world and did many things, studying people, cultures, languages and belief systems.

In Europe, I met people from all over the world, speaking different languages, wearing different costumes of dress, with different habits of behavior.

Most importantly, they had different habits of thought and emotion, saw the world in many different ways, and responded to situations with different emotions, different actions.

This led to another discovery.

The Whorfian Hypothesis states that language and belief are intimately intertwined, which is true. Many expressions cannot be translated from one language to another, the meanings are not comparable, or fail to capture the true essence of meaning in the original language.

Students of language know this, and I found it fascinating. There is not a one-to-one, or isomorphic mapping from one language to another for many expressions.

This is a simple application of topology, a special field of mathematics, to explain a theory in psychology.

I found many more examples of applying math and physics to psychological principles, as the embryonic theory grew, leading eventually to Quantum Field Psychology. 

After Europe, I ended up in Boulder, Colorado, doing research at the University of Colorado. I met a brilliant mathematician and chess champion, Dr. Jack Hursch, who shared many ideas about life and the nature of our universe.

As a chess champion, he applied the processes of differentiation and integration to his constant analysis of chess problems, and to the four-color theory, an unsolved math problem at the time.

I was in the habit of using those dual processes of calculus since junior high school, so our thoughts coincided on many levels. He was involved in a torrid romance with an English professor at the university, a woman from Greece.

They were involved in a battle of wits for years, and I saw from this the energy dynamics of opposing energy fields, coalescing and dancing in myriad patterns.

This led to many more insights and ideas.

But I was growing tired of wandering the world, and had to do far more. I had to put together a more formalized theory, to integrate the disparate parts evolving.

Then the wife of a good friend of mine, who had a master’s degree in teaching, stunned me one day.

She said, “With your mind, what are you doing with your life?”

She was right, I was wasting time. I was approaching 30-years-old, and had been feeling the same thing.

I then decided to go back to graduate school, to return to Maryland to earn a doctorate in psychology.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to end THE WANDERER phase of my life, and enter DEEPER INTO THE RABBIT HOLE. 

A rabbit hole slithering with reptilian-brained people, whose zest for competition, coupled with their egos and massive insecurities led them into labyrinths of sabotage and back-stabbing.

More on that next time.

Hang in there, we are leading up to MIND SHOCK, to be released soon. 

To your great success,

Dr. Ron, March 11, 2019.