The epiphany that changed my life in 1969 totally altered my destiny.

I had been majoring in math and physics at the University of Maryland, and was planning on working at NASA for a career. I began there in 1967 in a gifted student program at 17-years-old, working with great men and women who had a vision for a better world.

A world of discovery, where space would be conquered and incredible new worlds opened. Space was promoted as the final frontier.

The atmosphere at NASA was electric, full of energy and excitement, where I met Nobel prize winners and many scientists who trained the astronauts before their missions.

It was incredible.

Then the impossible happened. I was struck like a thunderbolt in November 1969, and nothing was ever the same.

I began studying psychology more intensively, looking for more parallels between hard science, math and physics, and what had been known as soft science, the social sciences.

I graduated from Maryland in 1971, then left to explore the world. I flew to Paris and began a series of adventures that opened my mind in amazing ways.

I met people from all over the globe, from many cultures, languages and philosophies.

More or less fluent in French, I began studying other languages and societies, always asking, “What makes people tick?”

What commonalities do we have, despite the outward differences?

Not realizing it at the time, I was performing the process of differentiation, comparing the rate of change of one variable to the rate of change of another.

A process I still use today, to analyze situations, people and events.

This led to many insights and discoveries, especially when combined with its dual process in calculus, integration.

Here, we combine together the results of endless comparisons in a creative process, sometimes arriving at stunning conclusions.

One stunning conclusion is that the final frontier is not space, but the human mind.

All of these processes are used in Quantum Field Psychology, the foundation of our films.

Our new film, The Endless Question, makes it all easy, so please don’t be put off by the high sounding words.

It all makes perfect sense, as you will see, and turns much of modern day science on its head.

The MIND SHOCK is coming soon.

I can’t wait for you all to see it. 

Dr. Ron, March 7, 2019.