I had an epiphany in November 1969 that changed the course of my life, and led to 50 years of research in a new field of science that I discovered, Quantum Field Psychology. 

I  began college at the University of Maryland in September 1967, after graduating from Duval High School in Greenbelt, Maryland, where I graduated with High Honors.

I played basketball in high school, but not well, since I didn’t know the powers of the mind that I’ve learned since, powers that would have made me develop far better and faster.

I focused mostly on academics, learning all I could. My parents emphasized college, but when it was time to go to college at the University of Maryland, my father informed me he would help little, if any.    

But this led to a fortunate turn of events. I found a job at NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center, working in a gifted student program through the Physics Department at the University of Maryland.

At NASA, I met many great scientists from around the world, including Nobel Prize winners. I worked for Dr. Paul Lowman, and had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Isadore Adler, a physicist from New York City.   

I could not have imagined on that fateful day, when I was 19-years-old, what that epiphany would lead to. I was returning to my dorm from NASA on that cold, bleary Friday night in November.

Majoring in math and physics, I had just taken two psychology classes and was seeing parallels between many theories of psychology and math and physics, and I asked the key question, “Can you explain some of the theories of psychology using math and physics?”

Then it hit me like a thunderbolt ! I saw waves of energy expanding from the mind like an ocean of light, expanding throughout the universe.

I told some of my friends, they laughed, said I was crazy. One scientist at NASA said, “You should go live in California.”

But one great physicist, Dr. Isadore Adler, told me, “You should go research that.”

So I did, for 50 years now. And that was a tumultuous ride, which changed the course of my life and led to many discoveries.