By Dr Ron Dalrymple

QUANTUM FIELD PSYCHOLOGY, THE THOTON PARTICLE THEORY, Second Edition, is the first Unified Field Theory, incorporating the influence of mind and emotion upon physical reality, the Universe and other minds. It integrates the major fields of modern-day psychology with quantum physics and topological mathematics.

First discovered at NASA in 1969, the formalized version of the theory was published in 2004, written in the Italian Alps by Dr. Ron Dalrymple, while a professor at the University of Maryland Overseas Program. His ground-breaking film, Paradise Found 2015, documents the discovery of this paradigm-shifting theory, and his film The Endless Question is a documentary on the topic.

This Second Edition of the book clarifies many of the formulas and concepts for ease of understanding.

Dr. Dalrymple is a member of MENSA, a licensed psychologist in numerous states, a member of several psychological associations, the author of many books and the producer of two films.