You’ve probably heard about the so-called Law of Attraction. The idea that you can make things manifest in your life by focusing upon your desires in certain ways, and they will manifest.

Some people claim this law works for them, and they have made incredible things happen.

But many people state it does not work for them. No matter how hard they try. They concentrate, they visualize, they use their senses, they pour in their desires.

And nothing happens. Or some parts of it manifest, but in unusual or unexpected ways. Or it manifests in negative ways, causing more problems.

Their dreams do not manifest.

Their hopes do not come true. And they remain in the same quagmire of criss-crossed desires and fears where they started. Or worse.
Basically, they are doing many things wrong. They are sabotaging their own efforts by failing to understand the key components of the creative powers of mind.

The powers of creation, which exist at the human level, but which tap into your spiritual powers. The very LAWS OF CREATION, which you can unleash inside you.

Imagine that.

Incredible capabilities, just thoughts away. Waiting to be activated. Waiting to be aroused from their dormant state inside you.
But because you do not see how to activate them, they remain just out of reach.

And you remain frustrated.

The reason is you have to attain and maintain a certain state of consciousness to make things manifest.

And this takes work. Real effort.

Consistency and persistence over time.

We show you the first steps to these secrets in The Endless Question, our two hour documentary, interviewing some of the greatest minds and hearts in this space.

More steps are given in the coaching and webinar programs we are developing, to help you unleashwhat has always been pulsating inside you, waiting for your recognition.

Do not miss out.

Grab this opportunity now.

Infinity is pulsating inside you.

It is never too late to begin forever.

Watch for our announcement of the release of the film, just around the corner.

Dr. Ron, April 2, 2019.