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Is it possible to double your IQ?

Or what if you just increased it 10%? Could that change your life?

Former NASA research scientist Dr. Ron Dalrymple stated, “IQ can be greatly enhanced by learning Social Intelligence, which is an entire cloud of information, sensation and intuition, which can multiply a person’s intelligence quotient substantially.”

Take the average person in IT, or the average medical doctor or other highly technical profession which required years of intensive study, and the often relegation of social interactions to later years.

Instead of going to fraternity parties in college and learning, albeit through artificial social structures, the social skills required to function in the general and business worlds, these highly intelligent people often get left behind.

Even worse, they often sabotage themselves with social faux pas, verbal blunders, loss of impulse control and poor reality teting. Their careers go off the rails or are hindered by their own mistakes.

It it well-known that an MBA or an MPH can run a hospital far better, in many cases, than an MD. This is in part due to having studied business structures, and to having learned a higher degree of social intelligence.

Many very bright people in IT score high on IQ tests, but come in at the 25th percentile rank on EQ, for example, a relatively low score. This often shocks and angers them at first, until they learn the amazing power of upping their EQ.

Combining EQ with IQ can greatly enhance a person’s understanding of human relationships, working in teams, creating harmony at work and in life, rather than ruthless competition, high attrition rates, failed business outcomes and negative work environments.

The value to many companies can be significantly enhanced by training executive staff and IT leadership in these skills.

The Cloud of Social Intelligence (CSI) is here defined as including emotional intelligence (EQ) combined with intellectual intelligence (IQ) and creative intelligence (CQ).

Adding creative intelligence can exponentiate the interaction of IQ and EQ,

taking the creative powers of the individual to a whole new level. Creative intelligence integrates IQ and EQ in an infinitude of ways, revealing brilliant new insights for R&D, creative outcomes for realizing business objectives, and a forward-thinking team of innovators which can increase business value in a wide range of metrics.

Dr. Ron Dalrymple is an executive coach, best-selling author, publisher, film producer, radio talk show host and innovator, the founder of the Cloud of Social Intelligence.

He offers executive consultation to IT, high tech, medical and other high performance organizations, with his training modules in Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Creative Intelligence.

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