I Love You, GOD

By Dr Ron Dalrymple

The purpose of this book is to help the reader focus on Divine ideas every day. Since what we dwell upon comes upon us, it is important to make a habit of thinking positive, healthy, Divine, inspirational, loving thoughts all day, no matter what other people are doing around us or to us.

One of the greatest difficulties in transforming oneself to a more Divine attitude and perspective is found in working through the negative emotions and beliefs we have long internalized.

These beliefs and emotions become lodged in the subconscious mind and drive the system automatically until they are changed. This takes considerable effort and persistence, since the deeply embedded negative emotions tend to link to many different thoughts, attitudes, and other feelings. A virtual labyrinth of interconnected thoughts, emotions and behaviors have to be transformed.

This book was created to help the reader achieve that goal. The intent is for the reader to dwell upon each affirmation of the day with strong feeling, trying to love the very idea being expressed, and projecting it outward to the world. Each affirmation should be repeated many times throughout the day, and memorized for future use.

As you practice these, your own affirmations will occur to you. Use them all with devotion, because what you worship, is what you become. Practicing walking a higher path in life every day brings us into the company of a Higher Order of Beings.

As you make consistent contact with these higher levels, those levels make contact with you, flowing through you a well stream of thoughts, ideas, insights and profound feelings.

True happiness and peace upon earth, individually and as a global people, can only come from this contact.