Great news !

We are happy to announce The Endless Question will be launched April 21, 2019 !

Finally, after 50 years of research, study, analysis of a wide array of systems, therapeutic approaches, sciences, cultures and people, the time is here !


How do I describe these feelings? I can’t. They are so varied they defy description.

All we can do is move forward and show you some astounding findings and insights, that tremble the foundations of many an ego.

We’ll get to that later.

We are now doing a countdown until that fateful day, April 21, the blast-off!

Since the concepts behind the film and our books were discovered at NASA in 1969, we love the idea of a countdown until final blast-off !

Sorry if I geek out over this, but it has been a long-term endeavor of love and perspiration.

Please note, this is a blast-off into inner space, the true final frontier. The vast imperative that most scientific theories ignore, because it is too complicated to include, too difficult to abstract.

But we have done it, produced a theory that is a true Unified Field Theory, integrating science with spirituality, Eastern and Western philosophies, major theories of psychology, physics, calculus and topological mathematics under an entire new paradigm, Quantum Field Psychology.

If the words sound complicated, don’t worry, the film makes it easy to understand.

To continue with our Endless Journey saga, the years spent after graduate school were very interesting, and interestingly varied.

I did many things in the search for answers. My primary goal was to see a lot of patients, in the context of many different environments.

I wanted to see what worked in therapy, and what didn’t.

It was also necessary to see how many different psychological environments worked.

I worked in state, county and federal institutions, using private practice as my chief modality.

In different hospital settings, I dealt with psychotic patients, institutionalized criminals, a wide panoply of psychiatric disorders, with our great veterans at the V.A., and I went overseas for three years teaching psychology classes on US military bases.

After seeing some 20,000 patients by this point in time, I have been able to discern many patterns and subtexts in behavior.

In fact, patients often teach me a lot of great things, as I am teaching them.

Openness and flexibility of thought are key, to shift and adjust to each person you help.

An empathic attitude is also necessary, because the healer projects their healing energy into the energy field of the patient. One of the most powerful aspects of therapy is unconditional positive regard toward the patient, as found by Carl Rogers.

Depth analysis is also important, as the therapist sees deeper and deeper levels of the mind, tracking where problems started, constituting thought-emotion fixations. These are expressed mathematically in the theory, for those who are interested.

We also examine the formation of major psychiatric disorders, personality disorders, delusions, anxiety, depression, the interaction of thought and emotion fields of energy, and many other concepts.

These are found in our ground-breaking, next tier book, Quantum Field Psychology, for those who wish to see the scientific background to the theory.

But never fear, our film, The Endless Question, makes it all easy to understand, and brings in the insights and wealth of understanding from some of the greatest minds in the world in this space.

Underlying the psychological patterns are deeper laws of the universe.

Laws which are astounding ! Laws which challenge the assumptions and practices of the hallowed halls of modern day science and the egos which defend them.

The Endless Question and our books detail some of these laws, and many more will be released in our webinars and coaching to come.

Don’t miss this astounding opportunity, be one of the first to discover the true you, the amazing depths of your being and the incredible things you can accomplish in life.

Be unlimited now !

We’ll talk to you again soon.

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Dr. Ron, April 7, 2019.