Independence Day is a very special day for Americans and many other people around the world.

It represents not just freedom from an oppressive government, but freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of action, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly and many other freedoms, as long as one does not infringe upon the rights of others.

The true purpose of our founding fathers and mothers was to institute a system to allow the expansion of consciousness, growth of the individual and their families, in an environment where the selfish and egotistical demands of arrogant and narcissistic rulers would not be tolerated.

Rather, abuses of power need to be exposed and abolished, for a free system to flourish.

All Americans need to fight this fight daily, because all that evil needs to flourish is for brave men and women to do nothing.

Refuse to be abused, refuse to be manipulated or deceived, represent the highest ideals of this country, and daily perform the self-less service to others.

Walk the higher path which leads to conscious freedom, not the lower trails that lead to enslavement and self-destruction.

Join us in this adventure of The Endless Question, and The Conscious Freedom Movement.

The world needs you now.

Dr. Ron,
July 4, 2019.