One important caveat is that Quantum Field Psychology and the films about it, Paradise Found 2015 and The Endless Question, are based on an axiomatic theory, not an empirical one.

No presupposition of superiority in perspective, techniques or approaches are made at any time at any level, and the creators of this theory maintain profound respect for all other therapists and their orientations, as well as for all other religions and spiritual pursuits.

As a psychologist, Dr. Dalrymple practices only evidence-based therapies, primarily cognitive-behavior-mod.

The mind shock aspects of the books and films are derived from the theoretical shift to a different axis of interpretation rather than the previous ones proffered by other theorists.

The findings of this analysis are consonant with statements made by Nikola Tesla, with the recently released findings of the “Andean Codes” allegedly kept secret by the Incas for 10,000 years, and with various Eastern and Western spiritual concepts.

More information will be released as we proceed.
Thank-you, Dr. Ron Dalrymple, March 2, 2019.